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Training Design and Development

Training Design and Development

All organizations need to effectively train both employees and volunteers. With Eppley’s focused and results-oriented training design and development, organizations better understand the skills their team requires, the strategic value of team learning, and how advanced preparation is essential for their organization’s success.

Several notecards with boating safety tips arranged on a table
A presenter speaking to a standing group of people during a workshop

Targeted Training Workshops

The Eppley Institute offers award-winning training programs in leadership, interpretation, accessibility, asset management, strategic management, park planning, and other pertinent topics in the field of parks, recreation, and land management. Our staff works with agencies to identify goals and then deliver training locally as part of a targeted workshop.

Online Courses and Certificate Programs

Eppley Institute offers an extensive and diverse catalog of e-courses and certificate programs for training employees, volunteers, and partners through our online platform, ProValens Learning. With topics ranging from leadership, facilities management, and capital budgeting to resource management, interpretation, and accessibility, there is a great chance that we have already created the professional development opportunities that your team needs.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for at ProValens Learning, or need training specific to your site or agency, please reach out to learn more about our e-course development services. We have developed hundreds of compelling online e-courses for agencies that are effective, generate revenue, and lead to improved services. These specialized courses will ensure that your employees, volunteers, and partners share the same values and approach to managing your parks, recreation programs, facilities, and services. Eppley also provides a specialized strategic learning content learning ecosystem for agencies short term strategic learning activities.

Examples of courses that we’ve designed for a park’s specific needs:

  • Safety and ecological awareness courses which serve as a prerequisite to receiving a boating, hunting, or snowmobiling use permit
  • Interpretation classes on the unique history or natural features of a park
  • Onboarding for seasonal recreation staff and volunteers

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