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Special Use Permitting for Parks and Recreation Professionals

corporate picnic_baseballParks—and other public facilities—are amazing venues for all kinds of events. From arts fairs and family reunions to sports competitions and political rallies, agencies are inundated with a variety of requests to use their sites. Agencies that manage parks, community facilities, and public spaces have an important management tool in the form of special use permitting. Managing these sites requires managing the natural, cultural, and operational resources associated with them. Requiring special use permits and developing clear policy and protocol to guide the permit process is key to ensuring the sustainability of the sites’ resources as well as visitor safety and enjoyment.

With this in mind, the Eppley Institute launches a new e-course on Special Use Permitting for parks and recreation agencies and professionals. Based in best practices from the National Park Service and local park and recreation departments around the U.S., the course walks learners through the myriad considerations that go into crafting permits, terms, and conditions. The course also covers event monitoring and touches on the need for cost recovery for permitted activities. These concepts are presented in a virtual office setting in which the learner considers a special use permit application, crafts a permit, and follows the event through set-up, monitoring, clean-up, and reporting.HoliFestival

If your agency or organization manages sites that are in demand for permitted activities, this course is a valuable resource. Employees involved in any of the stages of permitted uses will benefit from this creative presentation of the process.

Check out the new course in the proValens catalog at proValenslearning.com.