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Public Health Fundamentals for Park and Recreation Professionals Certificate

July 13, 2016

Do you believe that your park and recreation agency contributes to the health of your community? Do you want to explore how departments can use health information and partners to plan for policy and programming that demonstrate health benefits? Check out Eppley’s Public Health Fundamentals for Park and Recreation Professionals Certificate. Parks and Recreation policies, programming, and facilities strongly impact the health of communities. From programming like aquatic aerobics to assets like parks and trails. Parks departments positively influence the health of people in many dimensions of wellness.

This certificate is the Eppley Institute’s inaugural offering in engaging park and recreation professionals in health-related terminology and strategies. Successful learners leave this certificate with policy and programming ideas to influence their community’s health and the tools and networking opportunities to communicate these changes to community leaders.
Join the next cohort on August 8 (with your staff or alone!) or register for the individual option that allows you to complete the certificate over a years time. You will not be disappointed with this certificate! Don’t believe us? Check out these testimonials:

“There were so many great takeaways in each of the courses and assignments that it is challenging to pick just one. One theme that I discussed in many of the assignments pertained to smoke free parks (including e-cigarettes) …I also recognize the need to improve upon data collection, not just on participation numbers, but asking questions based on public health impact. I thought this was an excellent program!”

City of Bloomington, Indiana

“The most powerful lesson (of the certificate) is one that can alter the way we think and analyze situations and I can say that this program has done that for me as it relates to health and wellness. This program allowed me to understand the broader picture of health and wellness and how I can make a difference within my position.”

City of Bloomington, Indiana

”I plan to highlight at department meetings things we have and can do to make a difference in regards to public health. Hoping by addressing this monthly it will become the norm- that way my staff and others see how we really can make a difference.”

St. Joseph County, Indiana

“After completion of this program, I have a different perspective on goal setting. My default goals usually include revenues and participation. The concept of including behavior changes in goal setting really spoke to me.”

City of Bloomington, Indiana






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Ms. Pelto-Wheeler is a project manager at the Eppley Institute. Her previous work primarily focused on cultivating relationships across community and academic partnerships.

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