Wabash Parks Master Plan

The Need

In 1998, the City of Wabash decided to create a master plan for their parks department in order to become eligible for state and federal grant funds. The purpose of this project was to provide a framework for planning and developing all recreation facilities and programs for the city.

The Solution

Both assessing the needs of the entire city and coordinating with the city’s general planning efforts were important areas of focus for the parks and recreation plan. A needs assessment was conducted by doing an inventory of the current facilities, obtaining information to project demographic changes for the City of Wabash over the next decade, and soliciting community input through three community forums and interviews with stakeholders in the community.

The Result

The master plan included an action plan and cost estimates for implementing some high priority projects that had been indicated by the needs assessment. The parks department successfully implemented the majority of projects in the action plan with much assistance from state and federal grants. New playground equipment, a multi-use trail, and a refurbished history-oriented park are among the major projects completed as a result of this planning effort.

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