Wabash Parks Master Plan Revision

The Need

In 2004, the Eppley Institute completed an update of the 1998 City of Wabash Parks Master Plan, originally developed by Eppley. The plan will provide guidance and support for future development in the Wabash Parks System; it will also help ensure that the range of concerns and desires of the diverse public in Wabash have been-and will continue to be-heard and acknowledged.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute worked closely with the City of Wabash Parks Department to create an in-depth public engagement and needs assessment process. To perform this assessment, the Eppley Institute:

  • Conducted stakeholder interviews with key supporters
  • Conducted a mail survey to which over 300 people responded
  • Held focus group interviews with citizens of Wabash who had been underrepresented in the mail survey
  • Held two public meetings to share the latest public engagement results and verify the findings, and
  • Analyzed all the results, and created a needs assessment and outlined goals for subsequent updates of the plan.

The Result

The Wabash Parks Board adopted the new Master Plan in their October 2004 meeting. The Wabash Parks are now more closely linked to meet the specific needs of the community it serves and the system is growing strategically.

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