St. Joseph County Comprehensive Park & Recreation Plan

The Need

In 1998, the St. Joseph County called on the Eppley Institute to create a comprehensive park and recreation plan that would do the following: clarify the roles of the various park management entities, set direction for future recreation needs, and set priorities for scarce resource allocation.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute:

  • Conducted a Recreation and Parks Trends Analysis to highlight issues that impact the delivery of services to St. Joseph County,
  • Projected solutions that address current trends and issues,
  • Identified current recreational services available to the residents of St. Joseph County,
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews to determine community perspectives.

The Result

A five-year strategic action plan, which identified specific actions to be taken, suggested a timeline for implementation, and included a prioritization of strategies and needs, was developed for St. Joseph County Regional Parks and Recreation. This plan was adopted by the county and numerous advancements have been made.

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