Potawatomi Wildlife Park Master Plan

The Need

In 2002, the Potawatomi Wildlife Park (PWP), a non-profit nature preserve and park near Tippecanoe, Indiana, received a donation of 86 acres to supplement their existing 200-acre site. The requirements of the donor included the creation of a site master plan and its adoption by the park’s board of directors.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute conducted an extensive research process and data analysis to help PWP create its new plan. In order to implement the plan, the Eppley Institute:

  • Conducted over 50 stakeholder interviews
  • Reviewed the founding documents and other information files
  • Assessed the operational condition of the Park and its facilities
  • Researched the population and demographics of the surrounding communities, which produced an inventory of similar parks in the region and potential partners, and
  • Held sessions with the PWP staff and board concerning the vision, mission and strategic goals of the Park.

The Result

The Potawatomi Wildlife Park Master Plan was adopted by the board of directors in December of 2003. By following recommendations in the plan, PWP has increased the size of the board of directors, created a high-powered advisory committee, and raised over $250,000 in land and grants, including one matching grant of $100,000 and a forty-acre land donation.

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