NPS Trainer Development Program

The Need

The National Park Service (NPS) annually provides thousands of hours of training in order to equip employees with necessary job skills, which ultimately support the mission of the NPS. This training is primarily conducted by NPS employees, retirees, and contractors, serving as collateral duty instructors. In light of the independent training programs being conducted across the NPS, informal discussions about joint or coordinated training were held by various NPS staff and the Eppley Institute.

The Solution

The establishment of a Servicewide trainer development program was created to support the training strategy of the NPS as well as professionalize the role of the collateral-duty trainer.

The Eppley Institute:

  • Conducted a Learning Needs Analysis for the Trainer Development Program
  • Designed a course of study using a variety of instructional delivery media
  • Created eleven e-courses, a Distributed Learning Platform site to facilitate an NPS cohort, and a classroom capstone course

The Result

The collaboration of experts from the National Park Service and the Eppley Institute resulted in an instructor training program that can meet the needs of all divisions, regardless of method of delivery or subject content.

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