NPS Structural Fire for Managers E-Learning Module

The Need

The National Park Service needed to ensure that its facilities and employees were compliant with OSHA standards in regards to structural fire risks and prevention. This meant the development of a program aimed at park superintendants and managers to raise awareness of fire hazards and proper inspection practices with the goal of preventing structural fires within the NPS.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute compiled a team to work with the NPS subject matter experts to complete a learning needs analysis, create an instructional design, write content, and build web pages to complete this e-course project.

The Result

The Structural Fire for Managers e-course compiled, for the first time, all the significant information, documentation, and reporting requirements for park superintendents and management teams related to structural fire prevention and incident reporting in the National Park Service. While this e-course serves as an instructional tool and learning opportunity for park managers, it also acts as a reference tool from which all needed information can be accessed in case of a structural fire incident.

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