NPS Resource Stewardship & Protection Curriculum

The Need

Protection of the natural and cultural resources in our national parks is one of the most important responsibilities of the National Park Service (NPS). Following the receipt of a $500,000 grant from the Natural Resource Challenge, the NPS partnered with the Eppley Institute to develop and refine an integrated resource stewardship and protection curriculum.

The Solution

Several resource protection courses were already developed and being taught by the NPS when the Eppley Institute began work on the project. An analysis of these existing courses was followed, in 2002, by the review, edit and further development of materials and content for the second course in the curriculum, Resource Stewardship for Protection Rangers. In 2004, in collaboration with a team from the Pacific West Region of the NPS, the Eppley Institute developed a third course in the resource protection curriculum: Intermediate Resource Protection for Interdisciplinary Teams. In 2005, the Eppley Institute recommended a course of study for Resource Stewardship and Protection for NPS Employees, which was adopted, that included these and other NPS classes.

The Result

The development of this academic curriculum continues to contribute to the protection of NPS resources. With links to both academia and the NPS subject matter experts, the Eppley Institute has created an effective, comprehensive resource protection curriculum that meets the needs of the NPS.

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