NPS Resource Stewardship & Protection Curriculum Reorganization

The Need

The project scope required the Eppley Institute to work with the National Park Service to redesign existing Resource Stewardship and Protection courses for interdisciplinary audiences. These courses, namely Resource Protection for Protection Rangers and Intermediate Resource Protection for Interdisciplinary Teams, were initially designed for protection rangers. After evaluative feedback from both course participants and the curriculum design team, a re-orienting of the courses was needed to include a collaborative approach to resolving resource protection problems and issues in parks.

The Solution

NPS and Eppley Institute personnel reorganized the flow of information and curriculum content to better present the course to its NPS constituents. This reorganization was based on the ongoing formative evaluation of the curriculum. Course design followed this work and a new set of courses were outlined. The curriculum now consists of four courses instead of six. Emphasis for this project was placed on fully developing two of the courses in the curriculum.

The Result

Instructor manuals and student manuals were completed for each of the two courses; a train the trainer event was conducted for the NPS employees who would be delivering the courses; and each of the courses was delivered successfully with very favorable evaluation scores from the students.

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