NPS Mobile Facility Management Software System Training

The Need

The National Park Service (NPS) determined it would adopt a technology aid for their staff, the Mobile Facility Management Software System (FMSS), in which NPS personnel can use a personal digital assistant (PDA) to record their work activities in the field rather than in the office. In support of the launch of Mobile FMSS, the NPS sought to develop useful training materials for field users. The overall goal of this project was to assess training needs and develop training manuals and materials that would be used throughout the NPS.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute worked directly with an NPS project team to identify training and education needs and solutions. With the NPS, the Eppley Institute:

  • Conducted a training needs analysis based on telephone interviews and an online message board to record the pilot participants’ experiences with the Mobile FMSS software application.
  • Coordinated with the NPS Park Facility Management Division (PFMD), NPS Systems, and an external contractor, Oil Inc., to identify training options in support of the needs analysis.
  • Designed and developed training materials which included a user manual, website content, a recommended course of study for new users, and an assessment to test the learner’s understanding of the software application.

The Result

The development of the training materials for Mobile FMSS, utilizing a variety of media, addressed the needs of a diverse workforce with limited experience to mobile technology. Additionally, these materials provided the user with the necessary information to more efficiently track and manage their work.

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