NPS Introductory CD-ROMs for PEPC & FMSS

The Need

The National Park Service (NPS) continues to develop online systems and databases to achieve consistency, transparency, and efficacy Servicewide. This evolution from park-based to Servicewide systems heralds a significant shift in NPS culture. To encourage acceptance of these new systems, the NPS has twice partnered with the Eppley Institute to develop introductory CD-ROMs that targeted strategic change communications for NPS managers.

The Solution

As a strategic communication and training tool, the CD-ROM was an effective choice. Through the CD-ROM, the Eppley Institute was able to provide:

  • An engaging multimedia experience,
  • A high-level overview of the impetus behind PEPC and FMSS development,
  • A versatile and cost-effective way for marketing and training,
  • Access to an easy review of information,
  • A means of routing this information to various individuals, and
  • A medium that can be duplicated for wider distribution.

The Eppley Institute worked with strategic communication companies to produce the CD-ROM products.

The Result

The CD-ROMs promoting PEPC and FMSS were highly regarded, positively evaluated, and continue to serve a valuable purpose for both training and overall acceptance of these Servicewide systems. More than two years after the release of the FMSS CD-ROM, NPS employees continue to request copies.

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