NPS Instructor Training Workshops

The Need

The National Park Service (NPS) uses current employees as trainers in employee development programs for various career fields, including Fundamentals and Facility Management Programs. Based on its understanding of the unique culture of the National Park Service, the Eppley Institute offers annual training and qualification workshops. In this case, the Institute was asked to provide state-of-the-art design, delivery, and management of instructor training workshops, as well as certificate programs for National Park Service collateral duty instructors.

The Solution

In an effort to create the best possible workshops and programs, the Eppley Institute:

  • Conducted a needs assessment to determine learning objectives, performance cost and benefit of training,
  • Developed training programs using appropriate methods, material and content,
  • Implemented and administered instructor training workshops acting as presenters, facilitators and evaluators, and
  • Evaluated the results of the program, specifically identifying transfer of learning and application of skills learned.

The Result

The NPS has established a large cadre of highly-trained collateral duty instructors who are equipped to deliver pertinent training programs, as well as understand the training needs of the Service.

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