NPS Fundamentals E-Learning Suite

The Need

The National Park Service (NPS) has a five-part, blended learning curriculum for new employees called Fundamentals. This curriculum provides new employees with information concerning the NPS mission, ethics, and history in order to integrate them into the workforce and assist them toward a successful career. The NPS partnered with the Eppley Institute to review the three sections of the e-course to achieve the following goals:

  • An update to increase interactivity
  • The development of more sophisticated programming to support the user, and
  • Additional information for the training and development program.

The Solution

Eppley developed a database-driven, interactive, educational, and visually enhanced e-course that included:

  • A review of each existing module,
  • A researched best practices from other agencies,
  • A proposal of new course design and content,
  • Ongoing technical support, and
  • An evaluation tool.

The Result

The Fundamentals e-course modules, which assist in providing key training for new NPS employees, is delivered to an average of 4,000 new students a year.

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