NPS Fundamentals Blended Curriculum

The Need

From an existing training program, Compass, the National Park Service (NPS) sought to develop a new training course, NPS Fundamentals. The overall goal of this course of study was to integrate new employees into the service to fashion a workforce dedicated to the mission of the NPS.

The Solution

In addition to completing extensive research and benchmarking, the Eppley Institute collaborated with outside subject matter experts and faculty to create options for the course of study. In partnership with the NPS, the Eppley Institute created Fundamentals and organized a comprehensive plan to:

  • Develop additional content
  • Increase the functionality of the e-courses
  • Develop a multi-level evaluation plan
  • Provide two visiting lecturers on-site
  • Train visiting NPS instructors, and
  • Provide ongoing guidance and technical assistance, including issuance of Continuing Education Credits (CEU).

The Result

A detailed curriculum was developed specifically to address the implementation of a curriculum of five courses that included a blended learning program, multi-level evaluation, and student assessment. The Fundamentals course of study is currently delivered to over 4,000 NPS employees each year.

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