NPS Focus Digital Library Tutorial

The Need

The National Park Service (NPS) desired to develop an on-line tutorial to educate users about NPS Focus, a software application for the management of digital images and documents. As NPS Focus neared finalization, the NPS sought to institute a method to ensure that its users would be aware of the most important and required business practices related to the system and would have the proper knowledge to maintain standards of data entry and system use. In addition, the e-course tutorial needed to serve the education of those users who will only have a need of the system’s basic functions and those who will want to take advantage of the higher level functions of the digital library.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute partnered with the NPS to meet these needs. In order to deal with the two aspects of educational needs, the project was divided into two separate phases. Phase I focused on supplying users with the minimum required competencies for using the image upload feature of the digital library, while Phase II dealt with a more advanced feature.

The Result

Phase I culminated in the development and release of The NPS Focus Digital Library Tutorial, an e-course that provides NPS users the basic information necessary to use the digital image system. Phase II of the project resulted in the addition of a module providing training on how to use the system’s batch upload feature. The entire course is available Servicewide on DOI LEARN and is providing valuable instruction to those involved in preserving the NPS’s digital heritage.

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