NPS Fire Extinguisher Training

The Need

The National Park Service needed to ensure that its facilities and employees were compliant with OSHA standards in regards to structural fire risks and prevention. This meant the development of a training course for NPS employees to educate them on three points 1) the different types of fire and appropriate fire extinguishers for each, 2) the requirements for a fire to start, and 3) the proper use of fire extinguishers in the event a fire does start.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute assembled a team to create the Fire Extinguisher Training e-course, which is hosted on the Department of the Interior training site, DOI LEARN. This effort included researched and development of e-course content, creating an instructional design, and building and testing the e-course web pages.

The Result

Thousands of NPS employees have access to this e-course, allowing the NPS to begin meeting the standards for fire safety laid down by OSHA. The provision of this course will help improve the safety not only of visitors to our National Parks, but also the safety of the people who work there.

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