NPS Facility Management Software System E-Learning Suite

The Need

With over 20,000 employees spread across its system, the National Park Service (NPS) required a cost-effective training program to implement the computerized maintenance management system: Facility Management Software System (FMSS). The NPS turned to the Eppley Institute to develop a strategic training program for FMSS deployment.

The Solution

Recognizing the cost limitations and ambitious timeline, Eppley proposed to work closely with NPS subject matter experts to identify training and education solutions. Together with the NPS, the Eppley Institute:

  • Conducted a training and education analysis that determined that an e-learning web course would work best for the diverse user security levels and park unit and management need in the Service
  • Designed and developed e-learning courses, which included over ten separate learning programs
  • Integrated the e-learning course registration, assessment, and transcript recording functions using the NPS’s learning management system, and
  • Provided ongoing support for version control, revisions and updating, and usability testing, which increased the effectiveness of this e-course.

The Result

The National Park Service now has over a dozen e-learning courses on FMSS and aspects of Asset Management. Now available to the NPS facility management staff, these courses facilitate employees’ ability to attain a certificate of completion in asset management.

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