Northbrook Park District Assessment Process

The Need

In January 2007, the Northbrook Park District sought to fill the position of Director of Leisure Services. After communicating the position requirements and the competencies most important to the park district and its stakeholders, Northbrook determined that it needed to ensure effective personnel selection through the design of an assessment center process that met its specific needs.

The Solution

After reviewing the position announcement and job description, the Eppley Institute project team conducted an assessment center for the Northbrook Park District. The assessment center minimized the risk of making an unsuccessful hire by assessing important aspects of candidates’ abilities to perform in the position. The process involved a full day of activities in which candidates’ skills and competencies were tested and evaluated.

The Result

The Eppley Institute project team members travelled to Northbrook for the assessment center process to participate on the assessment team. The process proved successful, as demonstrated by Northbrook Park District’s high level of satisfaction with the new hire.

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