Municipality of Anchorage Park & Recreation Technical Assistance

The Need

The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA), Alaska began implementing a reorganization of their Parks Department as it completed the Anchorage Bowl Parks, Natural Resources, and Recreation Facilities Plan in 2003. The Eppley Institute was asked to assist with several vital projects.

The Solution

In support of the municipality’s reorganization the Eppley Institute:

  • Led Parks and Recreation Commission meetings to determine a mission, vision, strategic action plan, and develop a Commission Reference guideInstructed a customer service workshop for Parks and Recreation Department employees.
  • Developed a PowerPoint Training, which employees could take back to the rest of the organization and use to train others.
  • Directed workshop to create a list of specific actions that could be implemented by the parks and recreation department over the next year to address goals outlined in the plan.
  • Created a 5-year strategic action plan using public workshops.

The Result

Meetings, training, and workshops allowed the MOA Parks and Recreation Department to continue the implementation of their Parks, Natural Resources, and Recreation Facilities Plan. The new strategic plan, customer service trainers, and the Parks Commission all have a direct, combined effect on the success of the Plan, and on the citizens of Anchorage.

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