Mishawaka RES Stakeholder Interviews

The Need

The Mishawaka RES is a nature sanctuary in urban surroundings. In 2006, the board of directors of this non-profit corporation realized that the park was approaching a desperate financial situation. In addition, the road serving the property is slated to become an expressway in five years or less. The RES needed to begin long-range planning to position itself to withstand their changing environment.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute worked with the board of directors to identify key stakeholders in the community. A questionnaire was developed, invitations sent, and 25 stakeholders were interviewed. In addition, the Eppley Institute reviewed the RES bylaws and financial statements, and performed a capacity analysis.

The Result

Several important opportunities were identified in the stakeholder interviews and other analyses. In February of 2007, at the Mishawaka RES annual membership meeting, the membership authorized the board to pursue these important opportunities including the re-valuation and sale of charter memberships, working with INDOT to ensure the RES needs are met in the expressway project, and pursuing a revenue sharing partnership with Campfire USA, Inc.

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