Mason Community Center Five-Year Plan

The Need

The Mason Community Center was established in 1999 when residents suggested that the proposed new high school be combined with a community center. The goal of the plan was to provide strategies that would make the Center self-sufficient after its third year of operations.

The Solution

After initial meetings with the residents of Mason, Ohio, the Eppley Institute:

  • Carried out staff interviews in all levels of operations
  • Conducted surveys which provided satisfaction ratings, facility use information, facility demographics, and marketing and user pass information
  • Researched and analyzed population and demographics, geographic factors, and benchmarking and promotional materials
  • Gathered information from these analyses on seniors and family composition and economic status
  • Examined operating expense budget allocations, programs analyses, and
  • Recommended performance measures, as well as a fees and charges review to create a pro-forma financial analysis.

The Result

The research conducted for the Plan produced recommendations derived from the user survey and the market and financial analyses. The Plan also provided specific performance measures for annual budgeting and planning, incentives for improved efficiency and service levels, and methods to evaluate success. The Mason, Ohio Parks and Recreation Department adopted the plan and is implementing the strategies and recommendations.

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