Lake Michigan Coastal Area Inventory

The Need

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources called upon the Eppley Institute to complete an inventory of public recreation access sites and trails within the Lake Michigan coastal area of Indiana.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute:

  • Reviewed existing data sources for Public Access Sites.
  • Collected data through over 40 local stakeholder interviews including agency and organization facility owners and managers, review of GIS data, orthographic photos, Web searches, and over 140 site visits.

The Eppley Institute provided new information for 712 sites, including new and updated sites in an Access database with related GIS files. The updated GIS files include point, shape and line files. A total of 32 new trails were identified totaling almost 50 miles of trail.

The Result

An accurate inventory of public access sites and trails was developed and GIS files were updated. This inventory provided the Indiana Department of Natural Resources with a foundation for planning and managing recreation resources within the Lake Michigan Coastal Area in Indiana. The new information was also incorporated into the SCORP (Statewide Outdoor Comprehensive Plan) database.

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