Indiana University Executive Development Program

The Need

Park and recreation professionals continually seek out professional development opportunities, a process which enables them to stay abreast of new management techniques that might enhance their ability to manage and lead their organizations. The Indiana University Executive Development Program (IU EDP) offers a two year curriculum that focuses on leadership and management skill development. IU EDP is the original Executive Development Program dating back to 1967, and through the years, it has established solid commitment to the profession while gaining a reputation for excellence in the field of parks and recreation. IU EDP wants to find ways to maintain this reputation and ensure the provision of desired services to professionals.

The Solution

The Indiana University Executive Development Program:

  • Conducts an ongoing annual review of the IU EDP curriculum
  • Enlists quality faculty that have extensive instructional experience
  • Develops educational sessions using interactive methods, material, and content
  • Creates educational sessions that are longer than many similar continuing education programs; most class lengths are 3.25 hours which allows for in-depth discussion of topics
  • Administers continuing education sessions on the prestigious campus of Indiana University
  • Evaluates the program faculty and out-of-classroom activities annually
  • Maintains a commitment to providing both structured and unstructured networking opportunities for all Executive Development Program students

The Result

The Park and Recreation Professionals who attend Indiana University’s Executive Development Program graduate with two years of quality continuing education, which enables the individual to build and strengthen the fundamental skills that are needed to manage and lead in a variety of public park and recreation settings.

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