Hometown Indiana Park & Recreation Grant Proposal

The Need

The city of Goshen is a small historic community in northeastern Indiana. The city had been making improvements to its community park and recreation system, which were funded by local, state, and federal funds. However, Goshen was also facing rapid urbanization of their community and county, and thus was in need of grant funds to preserve a large greenway in the center of the city, furthering their efforts to provide the community with increasing park and recreation. The Hometown Indiana Park and Recreation grant, if awarded, would fund these improvements.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute:

  • Assembled materials for the grant proposal, including: a project description, program narrative, records of public engagement meetings, and historical and architectural review of the community, as well as a comprehensive inventory and appraisal of existing recreation and park assets.
  • Prepared and submitted the grant on behalf of the Goshen community.

The Result

The development of the grant materials resulted in an award of the Hometown Indiana Park and Recreation grant of $200,000. These funds were used to develop a new park and interpretive center in Goshen, which serves as a hub for the community and allows daily access to recreational and interpretive trails, facility buildings, and nearby recreation amenities. The center is also available to area schools for environmental education during the week. The grant and subsequent improvements provide residents and visitors with a series of unique, natural resource opportunities.

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