NPS Asset Management

The Need

The Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands developed two electronic courses for Concession Specialists as part of the Asset Management Program to improve the condition of the National Park Service asset portfolio in order to ultimately become better managers of NPS resources. These courses serve to introduce asset management principles and navigational elements of the Facility Management Software System (FMSS) and the Asset Management Reporting System (AMRS) to concession specialists needing a basic understanding in their monitoring of contract compliance. The target audience for these courses includes National Park Service employees who are either concessions specialists or collateral duty concessions specialists from small to medium-sized parks.

The Solution

  • The Eppley Institute met with Concessions Program management to establish training needs. The instructional design process was elaborated through the definition of learning objectives and competencies with project partners.
  • The Eppley Institute conducted research and, in conjunction with Concessions Program representatives, developed course content.
  • E-courses were delivered for Beta testing and were reviewed by Concession Specialist work groups.
  • Approximately 60 people have taken each course as of January 15, 2009.

The Result

The final product included two interactive, self-paced electronic courses for Concession Specialists to gain a basic understanding of asset management and related software systems. These e-courses are now used by the NPS in order to grant Concession Specialists read-only access to the FMSS and to the AMRS.

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