Anchorage Neighborhood Parks

The Need

The Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department needed to assess their neighborhood parks and plan for future upgrades and improvements to these parks.

The Solution

The Eppley Institute teamed with Makers Architecture & Design and Earthscape to provide a new and innovative approach to address this need.

The Eppley Institute developed a recreation values matrix associating recreation values with human needs, recreation programs, and park settings. This was combined with Maker’s creation of design standards for park settings and features to create a complete set of design standards that were related back to the core recreation values they provide.

The Eppley Institute also used its National Park Service experience to design a park assessment form that will assist the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department in prioritizing upgrades and improvements based on ratings of specific assets and their contribution to the overall parks and recreation service mission. Earthscape is using this assessment form to conduct assessments of neighborhood parks in Anchorage.

The Result

The Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department now has an outstanding and innovative methodology for assessing park improvement needs and prioritizing expenditures to meet those needs. Furthermore, the department is equipped with design standards that will make implementing park improvement projects much more efficient; will educate policy makers about the core values that will be satisfied by making improvements; and will create a distinct identity for Anchorage Parks and Recreation within the community and beyond.

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