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Hands on the Land

hands-on-the-land-coverIn 2013, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), one of the participating agencies in the Hands on the Land (HOL) program, released a new National Strategy for Education, Interpretation, and Youth Engagement, which outlines several major goals, including expanding the BLM’s HOL program. The BLM’s Division of Education, Interpretation, and Partnerships, the HOL Working Group, and the Eppley Institute collaborated on the design, development, and production of a desk guide for HOL sites, which is intended to help BLM site coordinators expand and enhance their HOL programs and to establish HOL as the foundation for the BLM’s formal environmental and heritage education programs. The purpose of this training proposal and communication plan is to provide the BLM with recommendations for implementing the desk guide and expanding the HOL program.

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