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State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) Recommendation Report

SWAP_coverIndiana’s SWAP is a habitat-based model that incorporates all fish and wildlife species in the state. It identifies the condition of Indiana’s wildlife species and habitats, the problems they face, and the actions needed to ensure the long-term viability of these species and habitats. Since conservation efforts occur at many levels (e.g., local, state, and federal), it is imperative to unite the entire Indiana conservation community by focusing on strengthening partnerships to accelerate conservation in the state. The input of all Indiana’s 600+ identified stakeholders is vital to the success of the 2015 SWAP. The Eppley Institute developed the following recommendation report to inform the 2015 SWAP process.

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SWAP_FinalPackage_Final_131218.pdf ( B)

Human Resources Career Field Competency Gap Analysis Study Report

NPS_HR-Gap-Analysis_Final-ReportThe goal of the National Park Service Human Resources Career Field Competency Gap Analysis is to determine any gaps in general competencies and human resource technical competencies for employees who work in the NPS Human Resources career field. This study consisted of five stages: determination of the research methodology; development of the survey instrument; collection of data; analysis of data; and reporting of findings. This report documents the findings.

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NPS_HR Gap Analysis_Final Report_130603 ( B)


The Crucial Role of Partners in Parks

partners-for-parksPartnerships are helping parks and public lands organizations meet the demands of the 21st century. This interdependent model of managing our public resources calls for trust and flexibility between partners. Because of the growing need for strong partnership management competencies, the Eppley Institute’s developed the following materials, presented at the 2013 Indiana Park and Recreation Association.

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IPRAPartnersPresentationStudentMaterials130116.pdf ( B)


National Park Service Interpretive Field School Feasibility Study Report

Report summarizing the feasibility study for an interpretive field school to be based at Mather Training Center conducted on behalf of the National Park Service.

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nps_interp_field_school_feasibility_study_111102_final_1.pdf ( B) 

Facility Manager Leaders Program. Course 3: Advanced Facility Management Practices. Course Evaluation Report. January, 2011.

An evaluation of the data collected on instructor performance, course content, and learning as reported by the students of Course 3: Advanced Facility Management Practices.


Assateague Island National Seashore: Oversand Vehicle and Backcountry Use Survey. December 2010.

A summary and analysis of Assateague Island National Seashore beach usage with recommendations for oversand vehicle use in park backcountry.

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NPS_ASIS_Survey_Report_FINAL_101216.pdf ( B) 

Facility Management Program: Risk Assessment Code Training. Evaluation Report. November, 2010.

Evaluates Risk Assessment Code e-course user response and completion data with recommendations for improvements.

Attached files

NPS_RAC_evaluation_report_FINAL_101108.pdf ( B) 

Business Management & Facility Management First Line Supervision Program. Course Evaluation Report. June, 2010.

Provides a summative report of the First Line Supervision Program learning event.

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NPS_ FLS pilot Course Evaluation Report 100614_final_100615_arl.pdf ( B) 

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