Public Health and You: A New E-course Series

The Public Health and You initiative was created to provide professional development opportunities for public health professionals. Who are public health professionals? They include, but are not limited to, School and Community Educators Emergency

Coaching Forms Now Available for Interpretation Courses

Four interpretation courses allow students to earn advanced certificates in addition to basic certificates: Informal Visitor Contacts, Interpretive Talk, Interpretive Writing, and Conducted Activities. In order to earn an advanced certificate, students complete additional

IFPRA Donation Supports Research in Public Health Competencies

Last month, the International Federation of Park and Recreation Administration (IFPRA) donated $5,000 through the Indiana University Foundation to support the Eppley Institute’s continued efforts to advance international park, recreation, and public lands management.

Eppley Director Presents Research to International Audience

Proposed competencies for an international park manager certification were presented by Steve Wolter, executive director of the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands at Indiana University, at the closing session of the German

Eppley Institute to launch its first app

The Eppley Institute has joined the ranks of app developers by creating a Cost Recovery Calculator for the National Park Service (NPS). The app, for use on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, will assist

Jackson County Master Plan

In June 2012, the Eppley Institute began consulting with the Jackson County Park and Recreation Board for the development of a five-year master plan. Located in southeastern Indiana, Jackson County had never had a master plan