Sara Suhaibani

Summary Sara Suhaibani is part-time research assistant for the Institute, where her work focuses on the Indiana Trails Study. Sara contributes broad expertise in conducting survey research, specifically in the areas of study design,

Abbas Smiley

Summary Abbas Smiley has been a part-time staff member at the Institute since 2016. Using his knowledge as a medical doctor, Abbas currently works with other team members on the Indiana Trails Study to

William Roche

Summary William Roche is a Senior Program Manager at the Eppley Institute where he oversees research and strategic planning projects, such as agency master planning, recreation plans, business plans, and marketing plans. William also

Aaron Jones

Summary Aaron Jones has been an IT support specialist at the Eppley Institute since 2016. His projects include updating and editing the Institute’s online course catalog and assisting with video production and social media. He graduated from

Derek Herrmann

Summary Derek Herrmann has been a member of the Project Support Staff at the Eppley Institute since 2017. He contributes to master planning projects, engages in data entry and analysis, and researches the intersection between

Layne Elliott

As a Project Manager, Layne Elliott coordinates the Indiana Trails Study, leads workforce development and parks agency master planning projects, and works alongside other staff members on the Great Lakes Park Training Institute. Layne

Michelle Monroe-Cook

Summary Michelle Monroe-Cook became a project manager at the Eppley Institute in September 2016. She brings over eight years of experience in training, evaluation, technical assistance, and implementation of physical and program accessibility in

Crystal Howell

Summary Crystal D. Howell edits course documents, instructor and student manuals, policy briefs, surveys, marketing materials, and other written products created by the Institute’s academic, professional, and project support staff. In addition to polishing