My First Time at GLPTI

I didn’t expect that on a work trip I would be sitting at the front of a four-person toboggan, suddenly pushed … racing down an icy track at 35 miles an hour. In fact,

Creative Conferencing

There are many reasons to attend a professional conference. There are learning opportunities, marketing opportunities, socializing… Some people go with the intent to network with colleagues, meet new contacts, or connect with key leaders

Working with the Eppley Institute

When an organization starts working with the Eppley Institute, we like to think that our staff makes all our joint collaborations easy and effective. We have an active process evaluation system for projects. This
Nona Capps

Get Outside this Winter

With several inches of snow falling before the official start of winter to the recent extreme cold, this cold weather season has made me want to stay curled up on my couch with a

Lifelong Learning of the Eppley Ropes

We have all had big changes in our lives at one time or another – you know, the major milestones – in which there is an upheaval of sorts accompanied by overwhelming waves of

Hunting as Conservation: Not a Contradiction

I remember being interested in my dad’s outdoor activities when I was growing up. When I was very young, I didn’t really know what he was doing when he would leave for several hours