Ifpra Academy Thriving, Announces Upcoming Name Change

Much has happened since we introduced the Ifpra Academy in 2013. The Academy launched its website (www.ifpra-academy.org) and a monthly e-newsletter (The Ifpra Academy Exchange) and also began accepting and reviewing applications for the

Project Reflection: Lessons Learned

In mid-July, I blogged about a new project we began in Racine, Ohio. It is now January and the project is complete. We thought it would be a good time to discuss a couple

It Does Take a Village

As the Eppley Institute is a part of the School of Public Health-Bloomington, there is an ever-increasing focus on the interrelatedness of health and parks and recreation. Recently, the Eppley Institute, in conjunction with

Wilderness 50!

2014 is the 50th Anniversary of the passage of the Wilderness Act. I knew it was important to me personally having spent many (too many?) long weekends in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Indiana’s Health Matters

Indiana’s health matters a lot for our citizens and our economic future as a state. Healthy places to live and a healthy population drive positive economic development and in-migration of creative, innovative, young people

Eppley Institute Goes Hydro

Alden Research Laboratory, Inc., located in Holden, Massachusetts, has enlisted the services of the Eppley Institute to provide expertise in conducting a recreation site assessment. This particular type of assessment is a first of

Learning About Special Park Use Permits in National Parks

Nona Capps and Christy McCormick traveled to the National Conservation Training Center in rural West Virginia to learn about Special Park Use Permitting in National Parks. What kind of activities require a permit? The
Nona Capps

Interesting History at Hot Springs National Park

Recently Eppley Institute project manager Austin Hochstetler wrote about his experience with the Facility Manager Leaders Program (FMLP) team at Homestead National Monument of America. I also had the opportunity to accompany an FMLP