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Bloomington Master Plan Project is Underway!

In January 2015 the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands and the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department established a partnership to research and draft a new five-year master plan for the Department. The plan will set goals and objectives for the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department from 2016 through 2020.


The Eppley Institute is in the first stage of its public engagement efforts related to the plan. The first stage involves interviews with specific stakeholders in the community. These stakeholders represent current Department partners, potential partners, and users of the Department’s facilities and programs. The feedback provided by these stakeholders informs the second and third stages of the public engagement process.

The second stage of public engagement is a random sample survey of 5,000 Bloomington residents. This survey, which will be deployed in late April or early May, will consist of questions that are framed by the stakeholder interviews and research conducted by the Eppley Institute. The survey results will provide critical data from the community at large regarding its expectations of the Department.

The third and final stage of public engagement will be a series of public comment meetings. These meetings are open to all Bloomington residents and will be held at the Farmers Market, Twin Lakes Recreation Center, and City Hall on specific dates in May and June. Eppley will share its initial research findings during these meetings and allow people to respond to the findings and offer further suggestions.

Citizens can stay up to date on the master planning project by visiting www.bloomingtonmasterplan.com. The Eppley Institute specifically designed this website so that the community can easily access information about the project. Input from the community will allow the new master plan to accurately reflect the community’s needs.