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Accessibility Planning and Training

A wooden footbridge with railing in a wilderness with tall trees

Training and Certificates

Eppley, through the National Center on Accessibility (NCA), provides a number of accessibility courses for parks employees, ranging from free essential courses to courses on Accessible Design and Accessible Recreation and our flagship Foundations of Accessibility Certification Program. Look for our Advanced Accessibility Certification later in 2022.

Accessibility Assessments

Walk your park with us and see it through a new lens. Our accessibility specialists will evaluate your park, historic site, or recreation area’s existing conditions and make recommendations on removing barriers to full participation by people with disabilities in your programs and facilities. All of our assessments look at the complete visitor experience from an entry-to-exit perspective.  The final accessibility assessment provides a plan for improving access overtime to agency assets, locations, facilities and programs based on ease of implementation and cost.

A woman extending a measuring tape near a park wayside exhibit
A blind man sitting on a park bench with a service dog


NCA’s research investigates the critical issues and challenges recreation professionals face making their programs and facilities fully inclusive for people with disabilities. Our thirty years of practitioner-based research has shaped accessibility standards and national policy, and focuses on providing professionals with practical information and effective solutions. Contact us if you need a university partner for your research project or you are interested in contributing to the research of our academic staff.

Planning & Technical Assistance

Our experienced staff works with agencies, firms, and individuals through all phases of the planning process to improve access to recreation sites and programs. We facilitate collaborative planning efforts, serve as accessibility specialists on your planning team, and advance your planning efforts by soliciting feedback from user experts.

A concrete ramp with railing in a park
A man in a wheelchair on a van ramp with grass and mountains in the background

Accessibility Portfolio

From Grand Canyon National Park to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Eppley’s National Center on Accessibility has consulted on projects of various size and scope, all centered on the total inclusion of people with disabilities.

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