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About the Eppley Institute

Who We Are

The Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands works within the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community (IIDC).

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Utilizing their deep industry knowledge, insight, and experience, Eppley staff members are eager to provide our clients with research-backed and exceptional customer service. Meet Eppley’s staff.

National Advisory Board members provide the Eppley Institute with respected guidance on the Institute’s strategic planning and long-term decisions. Meet Eppley’s advisors.

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What We Do

The Eppley Institute has leveraged our extensive hands-on experience in the field, collaborative partnership approach, and Indiana University’s outstanding resources to provide evidence-based training, planning, and research for parks and public land agencies.

Why We Do It

Founded in 1993, the Eppley Institute is named for Dr. Garrett G. Eppley, a pioneer in park and recreation education; a former chair, faculty member, interpreter, trainer, and National Park Service recreation planner. We trace our mission, approach, and goals to Garrett Eppley’s belief that a university should directly serve communities and lead the development of professionals who in turn serve the public.

It is our mission at Eppley to enhance the quality and accessibility of natural, cultural, and recreational experiences for all by advancing and applying current best practices in the management of parks and public lands.

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Our Partners

Eppley Institute has developed partnerships with government, education, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations over our many-year history in order to share resources and improve effectiveness. We share expertise, information, and mission with partners, as well as real connection, trust, and flexibility. All partners agree on straightforward and genuine collaboration to achieve our goals of advancing the parks profession and each organization’s capacity.

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