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Training & Workforce


“Without equal” is the way clients describe the Eppley Institute’s training and workforce development services and products targeted to parks, recreation, and protected lands organizations. With experiences in over 400 different projects, for over a dozen different organizations across the nation, the Institute can advance your career and agency.

Planning & Operations

The Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands is unique and exceptionally qualified to assist your organization with planning and operations analysis. After 20 plus years serving federal, state, local, and non-profit organizations with targeted and master planning, the Eppley Institute offers a dozen planning and operations services.

Research & Analysis

At the heart of Eppley is our home at Indiana University, one of the largest public, research-focused universities in the US. The Eppley Institute uses this natural linkage to adapt research to your budget, needs, and expectations. Our track record includes 100’s of organizations and 20 years of applied research that fits our partners’ need. We provide you with high quality, informative research that compels data driven decision-making for the community and agency.

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