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Advancing Parks, Recreation, and Public Lands

A wilderness creek surrounded by tall trees near a trail and railing


Since 1993, the Eppley Institute has leveraged our extensive hands-on experience in the field, collaborative partnership approach, and Indiana University’s outstanding resources to provide evidence-based training, planning, and research for parks and public land agencies. It is our mission to enhance the quality and accessibility of natural, cultural, and recreational experiences for all by advancing and applying current best practices in the management of parks and public lands.


The Eppley Institute provides training and learning design, research, planning, and accessibility guidance to parks and public land agencies with a focus on up to date and practical solutions for interpreting park resources, enhancing visitor experience, and managing facilities, natural resources, and cultural assets.

A wooden footbridge in a wilderness with the sun shining through tall trees
A bench and a tall tree with autumn leaves near a body of water


In addition to our services, the Eppley Institute offers parks and public land agencies 5 focused and ongoing programs:  Great Lakes Training Institute, World Park Academy, National Center on Accessibility, Playground Maintenance Technician, and our e-learning site ProValens Learning.

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Training, research, planning, and accessibility consulting for parks and public land agencies

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