Training & Education


The technological advances of the last few decades have made it possible to deliver training through varied channels. Eppley’s value lies in its ability to assess learning needs, and develop the delivery method that best suits our partner’s needs, objectives, audience, and developmental goals. Incorporating best practices in online learning, education, and organization capacity building, each program is custom-designed to engage learners and meet identified learning objectives. Our programs are offered in traditional in person formats, online courses, and in as blended training programs.

Our multi-step approach to instructional design includes:

  1. Analysis of training and learner needs
  2. Design of objectives and instructional strategy
  3. Development of text, graphics, multimedia content, and assessment instruments
  4. Implementation of training
  5. Technical support and ongoing maintenance for online courses.
  6. Course evaluations
NPS Facility Manager Leaders Program
Great Lakes Park Training Institute
Wilderness Management Distance Education
NPS Fundamentals Blended Curriculum
School of Public Health e-learning series