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The Eppley Institute works across the country and has gained a powerful wealth of expertise in recreation, park, and land management planning and design. We work closely with a diverse network of operationally-integrated partners to develop tools that are comprehensive, innovative, grounded, strategic, and effective in addressing the unique issues that face our partners. Our work in this functional area includes:

  • System-wide Master Plans
  • Comprehensive Management Plans
  • Strategic Plans
  • Site-specific Planning and Design
  • Public Meeting Facilitation
  • Public Surveys
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Level of Service Analysis



iStock_000004226067XSmallOur projects are designed to meet each partner’s specific needs and go beyond the bounds of most traditional approaches. We not only understand, but strongly advocate for, the comprehensive and universal role that parks and recreation serves in communities. To that end, we ensure we develop strategies and recommendations that reflect:

  • Public Health
  • Environmental Protection
  • Asset and Facility Management
  • Economic Impact
  • Education and Interpretation
  • Public Policy
  • Cultural Heritage

Some Completed Projects

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