Great Lakes Park Training Institute


The Need

Park and Recreation practitioners must continually learn new trends and ideas in order to educate themselves and keep up in the ever growing and demanding field of leisure services. The Great Lakes Park Training Institute has been assisting professionals in this endeavor for the past 60 years. The idea for the first Great Lakes Park Training Institute was drafted in 1946 by park professionals from six states bordering the Great Lakes. The goal of the Institute was, and still is, to provide a vehicle for sharing new ideas and successful park programs and operations.

The Solution

The Institute is a professional training opportunity for recreation and park staff representing municipal, county, state, regional and national agencies. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, and exploration of current issues and techniques in the field of parks and recreation. The training is particularly applicable to park and recreation managers, horticulturists, planners, interpreters, maintenance technicians, outdoor educators, land and facility managers and leisure services providers.

The Result

Each year, nearly 300 park and recreation professionals attend the Great Lakes Park
Training Institute. As a result of the 22 educational sessions offered and the available networking opportunities, professionals leave with new skills and knowledge that allow them to be leaders in the diverse field of parks and recreation.

Attached files

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