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Lifelong Learning of the Eppley Ropes

January 23, 2014


We have all had big changes in our lives at one time or another –

you know, the major milestones – in which there is an upheaval of sorts accompanied by overwhelming waves of excitement, fear, anxiety, and determination. When faced with an impending lifestyle change, there are often buoys that support us. People and systems we didn’t even know about emerge to keep us afloat and move us gently forward. Thank goodness for that.

When I first got the job working at Eppley, I was excited. I would fit right in. With my background in informal adult education and natural resources, we were a perfect match. …A new chapter! …The next step! It didn’t matter that I had been a stay-at-home parent for nearly a decade. I would learn the quirks of the latest version of Microsoft Office and be off and running in no time.

Luckily, my supervisors saw the situation differently. They knew the learning curve, and I suspect they knew the pace at which that mountain of a curve could be scaled. After nearly two months on the job, I have helped on numerous projects. I am starting to feel competent in the basic software programs I use. And I have learned a few things. For instance, ‘Moodle’ is neither a culinary term nor a new breed of dog.

As I continue this seemingly endless journey toward ‘getting up to speed,’ I am thankful for the team approach to Eppley projects. I am still intimidated by the pace of production around here – and by “intimidated” of course I mean “inspired”; and I’m glad there appear to be ample resources for streamlining our work. (Even our templates have templates!) The supportive environment keeps me from hiding under my desk, and while I don’t see an end to my peeking sheepishly around the corner of my cubicle with another ‘dumb question’ for my coworkers, I am looking forward to becoming more directly involved in the interesting work with our partners. Now, if only I didn’t need a cheat sheet to decipher our office conversations… Did you know that there are 2626 possible acronyms in the English language?

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Kate Wiltz
Kate Wiltz joined the Eppley team in 2013 as a project manager. She has worked in the environmental education, communication, and interpretation fields for many years. Kate began her career in a county park system and went on to work with government agencies as well as private institutions to improve educational programming and clarify organizational goals.

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