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Indiana Park and Recreation Association 2013 State Conference

November 27, 2012

The Indiana Park and Recreation Association’s 2013 State Conference is scheduled for January 16-18, 2013 in Bloomington, Indiana. The Eppley Institute is a proud conference partner for this state-wide event. As a conference partner, the Eppley Institute has agreed to present four education sessions, assist in the operations of the conference’s education committee, and provide computers for the education sessions.


The education sessions that Eppley will present are diverse and reflect the Institute’s board knowledge base.


    • “Foundations, Fundraising, and Sponsors: Partners for Parks” will be presented by Executive Director Steve Wolter, Project Manager Jeremy Hackerd, and IT Manager Matt Wolf. Description: Agencies have had to become more successful and creative outreach to partner groups to support parks, recreation, education, and other activities in our agencies. From federal to state to county to local government, doing more through partners has been, and will be the norm. This session reviews recent research on the requirements, competencies, and methods for effective partnerships.


    • What’s Up Leadership? Will be presented by Executive Director Steve Wolter. Description: Often times leadership is taught as a checklist of traits, character checklists, or irrefutable ‘things’ you must do. This approach can be illuminating but it also can deceive. The process of becoming a leader is never really finished and the ways in which we lead an agency, unit, or community change as new followers join, politics evolve, and leaders grow. This session focuses on a more flexible understand of leadership, and an approach to leading that is thoughtful, deliberate, and mastery oriented.


    • Improving Your Career- Building Your Roadmap with Competencies and Individual Development Plans will be presented by Assistant Director Jeff Bransford and Project Manager Zach Carnagey. Description: Besides experience, training and education are the most important factors in career advancement. This session will help participants create focused individual develop plans for themselves based on the competencies in their field.


    • Facility Management Trends and Updates will be presented by Deputy Director Christy McCormick and Project Manager Austin Hochstetler. Description: This session will outline facility management developments in the field. Facility management will be defined through the exploration of facility management history and an understanding of where it is today. Specifically, asset prioritization will be discussed as an emerging trend in facility management. In conclusion, this session will outline the three vital signs of a healthy asset portfolio.



Additionally, the Eppley Institute will be the sponsor of the Eppley Institute Professional Development Plaza. This plaza will lead to the five rooms that will host the conference’s education sessions.


In the upcoming months, Eppley will continue to work with IPRA to ensure that the 2013 is a wonderful success.

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Mr. Hackerd became a Project Manager at the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands in 2010 bringing valuable experience from many realms of public administration, policy, and education. Jeremy’s background in United States History, public history, and state government complement the Eppley Institute’s subject matter expertise quite well.

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