Foundations of Interpretation

0.2 CEUs

Foundations of Interpretation

Product Description

Designed to provide a basic understanding of the theory and practice of interpretation, this course is ideal for those new to the field or anyone interested in a refresher on interpretation concepts.

This introductory course answers four fundamental questions about interpretation:

  • What is interpretation?
  • Why do we do interpretation?
  • What skills do interpreters need?
  • How do you do interpretation?

Recommended Prerequisite: There is no recommended prerequisite for this course.

Length: 2 hours

Credit: A certificate of completion may be earned by successfully completing the objective assessment at the end of the course.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): For a minimal fee, CEUs are offered upon the completion of this course. They will be provided to you after you receive an 80% or higher on the course assessment.

Cost: Registration for this course is free.

If you have questions concerning this course or others, please visit the Eppley Institute Help Center.
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