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Eppley, Hartzog Institutes discuss partnership opportunities

September 28, 2010

On September 15 and 16, Dr. Brett Wright of Clemson University visited the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands to present to Eppley and the Eppley Senior Fellows an update on the status of the new George B. Jr. and Helen C. Hartzog Institute for Parks and discuss future partnership opportunities between the two institutes.

Dr. Wright’s visit was primarily informational: he would share the progress made by the Hartzog Institute since its founding and hoped to learn about the Eppley Institute’s approach to partnership. The purpose of the Hartzog Institute is to “create, conduct, and disseminate a broad range of education and training programs for current and prospective park professionals,” according to the press release in which it was announced.

In addition to the proposed partnerships, the two organizations are also tied through their involvement in the NPS’s Leadership for Public Lands and Cultural Heritage Academic Consortium, still in its initial phases. The Consortium is a group of six universities across the United States – Indiana University, Bloomington; Clemson University; George Washington University; Colorado State; and the University of California, Merced – working together with the NPS Learning and Development Office to create a Leadership certificate program. Indiana University and Clemson are two of the first schools to develop and offer classes in this program, and the only two schools in the consortium to offer a Ph.D. in the fields of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

The Academic Consortium and the proposed partnerships between the Eppley Institute and the new Hartzog Institute represent the beginnings of a lasting connection between two schools with strong parks and recreation programs.

Established in 1993 by Indiana University’s Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies, the Eppley Institute partners with recreation, park, and public land organizations to enhance access, choice, and quality of natural, cultural, and recreational experiences.


For more information on the NPS First Line Supervisor training course contact Jeff Bransford at:
Telephone: (812) 856-3870
Email: eppley@indiana.edu

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