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The Eppley Institute is Indiana University's unique outreach program for the park, recreation and public land management professions.

We provide expertise in several areas, including technical assistance and research, planning and design, and training and education for organizations around the world. ( READ MORE )


Planning & Design

Eppley's park and recreation planning and design services balance the needs and desires of a community with practical and economic realities.

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Our Portfolio

Boulder Master Plan

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan led to community consensus about the department’s priorities and gave the city tools for financial and operational decision making.( Read more )

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  • Kelli Martket

    Happy Anniversary, Wilderness Act!

    Do you enjoy activities such as backpacking, hiking, or camping in the wilderness? If you do, you may have the Wilderness Act to thank! President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the

  • Kelli Martket

    Cape Henry Lighthouse, Then and Now

    Recently, I traveled to the Cape Henry Lighthouse in Virginia. More appropriately, I should say Cape Henry Lighthouses, because there were two! The first was an all brick, 94 foot ta

  • 3-th

    Indiana’s Health Matters

    Indiana’s health matters a lot for our citizens and our economic future as a state. Healthy places to live and a healthy population drive positive economic development and in-migratio

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Documents published by the Eppley Institute such as master plans and reports. ( read more )


Practical information about management strategies in parks and recreation. ( read more )


The Eppley Institute has compiled a list of links that may be of use to you. ( read more )

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